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How Zouster Works

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The Manager

Michael manages a community
property that's in need of a new fence.

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He's not sure what kind he wants, but knows he needs it fast with the Board breathing down his neck. Michael snaps a few pictures and uploads them along with a quick description to Zouster.com.

Local fencing vendors immediately start inquiring about the new project. Michael schedules an open house where the vendors can inspect the property and discuss options.

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Approved local vendors are invited to the property where they can learn the scope of the project, collect data and take photos of the work needed to be done. They then upload any photos, product recommendations and post any questions they may have for Michael about the project. Let the bidding begin.

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Michael watches as vendors compete in a live reverse auction for this project.

Michael's excited. After the auctions completed he can print off a bid from each vendor in an easy to read format along with a summary page to present to the board for a quick and easy approval.

Michael enjoys a pat on the back from the Board.

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